Shopper 1 year Membership

Shopper 1 year Membership

A Shopper 1 year Membership allows you to purchase products, privately, from many Farms, or other Vendors, for your home, and family. Membership is valid for one year. Once you subscribe to a 1 year Membership, you can shop any Farm/Vendor within Shopyourfarm.

How your Shopper Membership works;

Shopping Members can find, and view the FarmVendor Member products, and services in a virtual farmers market, in an old fashioned main-street presentation online.

Here is what you can find;

  • All Farm/Vendors.
  • Search for products by; Product type, Product description, Location, or Farm/Vendor.
  • Narrow search for local Farms/Vendors.
  • View the Farm/Vendor’s presentation video.
  • Select a Farm/Vendors web page, and read about the local Farm/Vendor, and their products.
  • Select the products and quantity for your shopping cart, and you Send your Order.
  • Click Map button for directions for local pick-up.
  • Private Video Conferencing with members.

You will receive your itemized Order instantly online to print, with the Farm/Vendor's contact information. The Farm/Vendor will receive your order, and the Farm/Vendor makes contact for payment, and shipping your Order, or Local pickup. Your final shopping selections are PRIVATE between the members, and each receives a printable Order.

Today many people are looking for healthy living products, and services, but have not had a way to locate them. can facilitate the people to people contact where many Farms, or Suppliers may invite the shoppers to visit their operations to view, and experience the creation of the wholesome quality products and services.

We, at, invite you to become part of our membership family, and enjoy the freedom, and liberty of putting your families health, and prosperty in your hands.

Click below for a Demo Shopping Experience of Green Acres Farm webpage.

 Click here for a Farm/Vendor Sample Web Page.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $12.00
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