Mission Statement:

Oshea Ministry Internet tools are focused on helping God's people in today's time of need. Our mission is to help God's people to be able to provide for their families in a technical and politically driven world. Our affordable modern day technical tools can help families of all financial levels be able to sell, buy, trade, manage, and supply services that promote healthy and righteous interactions between people in a private atmosphere at local and national levels.


About Us:

Shopyourfarm.com is a membership virtual shopping and product share community. The Shopyourfarm.com virtual model was inspired by the enterprising spirit and bounteous production from generations of hard working houses of Godly Americans who built this great nation. The shopping members and the vendor members can find and view vendors products and services in a virtual farmers market in an old fashioned main-street presentation on line. Your final shopping selections are private between the supplier and the purchaser.

Shopyourfarm.com is a way to connect the small to medium sized private suppliers of innovative products and services to the shoppers who want quality, home grown, or home hand made products. Today many people are looking for healthy living products and services but have not had a way to locate them. Shopyourfarm.com can facilitate the people to people contact where many suppliers may invite the shoppers to visit their operations to view and experience the creation of the wholesome quality products and services.

We, at shopyourfarm.com, invite all to become part of our membership family and enjoy the freedom and liberty of putting your families health and prosperity in your hands. Your God given health philosophies and your private product preferences and values cannot be dictated or controlled by anyone but you. Our philosophies and methods keep your exchanges and relations between the shopper and vendor, private, and unincorporated so that it is only the business between the members and is not controlled by public policy and regulations.

Shopyourfarm.com will only deliver a wish list order with some detail to the vendor and the rest is up to the relationship of the shopper and the vendor. Shopyourfarm.com is not involved with any of the financial or compensation exchanges between the shopper and vendor. The member contact information is kept private within the Shopyourfarm.com web site. The contact information supplied by the shopper and vendor members is only shared to other members by exchange contacts. The contact information is also used for map displays and creating direction map for the convenience of vendor outlets. Shopyourfarm.com is all about privacy with private, righteous, and Godly relationships. The basic operations of shopyourfarm.com is faith based for the betterment of mankind with the use of all things that God has blessed unto us as His people.


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