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Instructional Video supplies all shoppers and vendors with an excellent Video Conference package that will allow them to have a private video conference session with other shoppers or vendors with the knowledge that all your conversations and video are kept private. does not recored or keep any of the video conference information. If any thing is stored, like the name of your last meeting room, it is stored on your web browser cookies and not at the server.

The web browsers that work the best are Chromium, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers may work but they must have audio and video WebRTC support. The video conference package works the best with desktops, laptops, and most tablets such as I-Pads. Most smart phones will also work, but may not have as good of a video experience, but the audio will be fine. The video conference sessions should be limited to 35 or less participants for the best overall experience.

The main video conference features are as follows:

  1. Create meeting rooms by name and not just numbers.

  2. The moderator can require an invitation to be allowed into the meeting room.

  3. The moderator can set a password that is required to enter the meeting room.

  4. View all participants on the same page.

  5. Share your screen to other participants. This can be used for sharing the view of a document.

  6. Play and share Youtube videos.

  7. Video and audio on/off controls for each participant and control for the moderator to mute and/or turn off all video of participants.

  8. Raise hand feature for participants.

  9. Text messaging side bar for text messages while having the conference.

  10. Various settings and controls for audio and video selections. sees the video conference feature as a very effective tool for communication between vendor and shoppers or for any and all private communications. We hope you will enjoy this novel and exciting package.

Here is an example.

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