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When you shop at you will be able to shop the whole community of member vendors. You have the ability to search for vendors as well as products by use of our search utility. You can search with the following methods:

  1. By distance from your location.

  2. By vendor information which includes the vendor name and description of their operation.

  3. By product name and description and also special search parameter settings that can give you a more specific search.

The vendors can be navigated by block mode cards or in a list view. You also have the ability to look at all your pending orders with any vendor and can select to go directly to the vendor's home page for further shopping or changes on your orders. On the shop search page you can even print member ID cards to use as the private membership validation if you were to visit a vendor’s physical location.

If more information is needed about the Vendor products or services you have selected, you just double-click on their vendor card and you will go to the vendor’s home page. On the vendor's home page you now can navigate all their products. You also have the ability to do a search for a specific product type to view.

The vendor will have more information for your viewing, such as a PDF file or a video about their operation. You can also open a shopping cart to pick the products that you want to order. Once you are done shopping and filling your cart, you can send your order to the vendor. The vendor will now have your order in his vendor section of and they can now contact you and process your order. You can also print out the order in a PDF format.

When the order is sent to the vendor, your contact information is automatically put into the vendors order contact list so that he has all the information needed to fill your order. Once the order is sent, the sale is now private between you and the vendor, now has completed the order. All shipping and invoicing is now private between you and the vendor.

Also when an order is sent, the vendor may have selected some features so you can receive an email that your order has been sent. The Messenger (messaging) system will message you that the order has been sent. You can check the messages in the Messenger system at any time. The important thing is that all your messages are private and only between you and your vendor. The Messenger system can be used to communicate to any shopper or vendor. Messenger is a complete private messaging system. All your information is kept private and the only time it is shared is with a vendor when you make an order.

Location map of the vendor is also available on the vendor's home page. If you need directions to the vendor's location for a physical product pickup, you can click the directions button and a map from your location to the vendor location will be displayed.

These are just a few of the convenient features you will receive with your shopping experience at

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